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Swimming Pool Spa SPA Summit Forum
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When the deep winter hits people, it is the year-end summary. It is also the time for the coming year!
On November 23, 2016, the 2016 China Swimming Pool SPA Industry Development Summit Forum was held as scheduled at Guangzhou Yihe Hotel Conference Hall.


There are more people attending this summit forum, with rich contents and themes, and a wide range of manufacturers and products. Participating forums include not only the pool spa industry and various manufacturers and merchants, but also many experts and scholars in the industry. Everyone is gathered together to discuss and communicate. Analyze the development of the industry, share market consultation and new product and new technology information, expand market channels and marketing concepts.


The summit forum was organized by the leading manufacturers of equipment and water treatment in the pool spa industry, and the first consultation for the pool spa spa consulting industry was organized. The participants of the summit forum included swimming pools in Guangdong, Beijing and Zhejiang. Foshan Taotao is also one of the supporters of this summit forum for equipment manufacturers, water treatment providers, and other industry-related manufacturers.

The 2016 China Pool Spa Spa Industry Outstanding Brand/Product/Engineer Selection was the most favorite theme of this forum topic.

After the public's selection and fierce competition, Foshan Tao Tao finally came to the fore and won the “Best Product Quality Award” of the year. It was also the first manufacturer to win this award in the swimming pool brick industry!




Tao Tao pool tiles, has been committed to provide solutions for the mosaic of pool tiles and pools for 8 years since its establishment. In 8 years, it has provided quality solutions and product services for more than 2,400 swimming pools. Tao Tao has always maintained product quality and product safety. Put the company's development center of gravity.



Tao Tao pool tiles won the product quality award in this selection, which was recognized and affirmed by the industry and its customers. Taotao swimming pool tile products were produced and sold in strict accordance with national standards. They received praise and positive feedback from product users in the market. , The company not only promised products, sales services also received customer satisfaction, Taotao deep pool tiles and pool mosaics, the accumulation of large, well-known engineering cases and 8 years of Shen Yun to the majority of customers and friends to bring confidence and trust.



Tao Tao pool tiles, will continue to work hard to provide more quality products and services for the majority of objective friends, for the majority of customers and friends to create more value!