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Hand in hand to create a win-win situation
——About Tao Tao Strategic Cooperation

Tao Tao, Foshan, has experienced extraordinary experiences for 8 years, focusing on the service and value creation of solutions for swimming pool tiles and pool mosaic systems. It has always insisted on the core values and spirit of security, art, standards and services, and upholds the focus. Professional attitude, for the majority of customers and friends to provide quality products and experience for the sports industry to contribute their own dedication and strength. In order to better create more value for our customers and friends, and to serve our customers more extensively, and also to make the sports industry better and better, Tao Tao decided to go hand in hand with the friends of the vast sports industry to cooperate with each other. Win deeper strategic cooperation and establish longer-term partnerships and friends!
Welcome friends to consult and negotiate!

Tao Tao strategic cooperation brief introduction:
Based on the premise of “friendly cooperation and mutual benefit”, Tao Tao provides strategic customers with product price advantage, project protection, design technical support, rebate incntives, technical training, marketing support, etc. Branded products, achieving mutual channel sharing, establishing long-term mutual benefit, stability, long-lasting strategic partnership
First, the advantage of cooperation:
1, price advantage project protection
2, design technical support
3, rebate reward
4, technical training
5, marketing support
6, priority on-site guidance
7, value-added services: (1) technical support, exempt from the design earnest money; (2) exempt template and exempt template postage.
Second, cooperation methods:
1, Information Resource Sharing
2, channel resource sharing
3, product chain combination
Third, join the cooperation process
1, understand the benefits and reach a consensus
2, sign the contract
3, cooperation and sincerity
4. Formal establishment of strategic cooperation
Strategic Cooperation Hotline: 400-0757-219